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What are desks?

Storipress categorises your content into what we call ‘desks’. You can think of these as the article categories you’re familiar with in WordPress or any other blogging platform

Introduction to Desks:

Desks are content categories, but unlike the content ‘categories’ system in other platforms, desks comes with two key restrictions:

  1. Desks have a permissions system: authors can only create new articles in desks they have permissions to (like IRL newsdesks!); and
  1. Articles can only be assigned to a single desk.

Why Restrict Articles to only a Single Desk?

There are two key reasons why:

  1. Firstly, It forces you to focus on creating a good content strategy. Desks are effectively high-level topics your publication provides coverage on. All content should fit within one and only one of these areas to ensure your content is focused and heading in the right direction.
  1. Secondly, the desk structure makes searching for old articles easier when you have 500+ articles. Desks are logically analogous to the structure used in your computer file folder system.

What if I want to give an article multiple categories?

Use tags.

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Let anyone join a desk (remove the desk permissions feature)

To let anyone create new articles in a desk, set the desk to open access in desk settings.

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