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What are desks?

Storipress sorts your stories into something we call 'desks'. These are like ‘categories’ in WordPress.

Learning about Desks:

Desks are like special folders for stories, but they're different from normal WordPress 'categories' in two ways:

  1. Desks have a permissions system: your team can only create new articles in desks they have permissions to; read more in A Guide to Permissions ; and
  1. You can’t put a story in multiple desks.

Why Can a Story Be in Just One Desk?

There are two reasons:

  1. It helps you enforce a good content strategy: Desks are like the big topics your blog covers. Every story should fit in one desk to make sure all your stories are focused and going the right way.
  1. When you have more than 500 stories, desks make it easier to search for old stories. They work like the folders on your computer.

What if I want to give an article multiple desks?

Use tags.

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Let anyone join a desk (remove the desk permissions feature)

To let anyone create new articles in a desk, set the desk to open access in desk settings.

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