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Migrating content to Storipress

Migrate to Storipress from another platform

Migrating from WordPress

Warning: Storipress’ WordPress migration plugin may not work on highly custom builds. If you have a highly customised Wordpress build, the team can provide assisted migration! Just email with your site and a member of our team will help you get your content across.

To migrate your content from WordPress, follow these steps

  1. Install our migration plugin on your WordPress site
  1. Follow the instructions in the plugin and export your WordPress content in a .ndjson file.
  1. Upload the .ndjson to your Storipress publication by going to your Publication’s settings, and scrolling down to ‘Import content’
  1. Upload the output .ndjson file you should have downloaded from the WordPress plugin to Storipress
1. Navigate to your publication settings
1. Navigate to your publication settings
2. Scroll down to import content
2. Scroll down to import content

Migrating from Other Platforms (Substack, Medium, a custom CMS)

Whilst the WordPress plugin above is the recommended route, this plugin may also work for WordPress sites.

To migrate from another platform:

  1. At signup, you will be prompted to download the Storipress migrator Chrome extension.
  1. Once this plugin is installed, go to your site and follow the instruction prompts in the chrome extension.

Manually Migrating Using an .ndjson File

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